Terms and Conditions

Mumblit.Com strives to give its members the most invasive-free, uncontrolled social media experience on the web.

Even though we do this, we still impose a 3-rule policy onto our members to ensure we are not in violation of very specific laws.

  1. We do not tolerate death threts, threats of violence, or terroristic threats of any kind, either direct or implied.
  2. We do not allow pornography. Pornography is defined as the deliberate depiction of persons engaging in sexual activity of any kind.
  3. We do not allow the distribution of illegal software, materials, or items on the site. This inncludes illicit drugs, pirated games, and even stolen goods.

The adherence to these standards are what drive our community, and keep our pages free from non-opinion based materials. The social media experience should be one without these factors and we aim to keep it that way.

We understand that people can often times be very mean and seem to tease others, or even downright harass them. However, it is up to you as a controller of your own content and feed to ensure that these trolls fail to affect you. Ignoring, blocking, and ignoring invites to these types of areas will be your defense. Mumblit does not participate in the babysitting, controlling, or policing of these types of people. Until these folks break one of our 3 rules, we highly encourage you to not be a crybaby about the antics of others, and deal with it or move on.

Overly excessive reporting of others, or even reporting posts and people without proper reason to do so (as defined by our 3 rules, not your own personal feelings) will result in YOU being penalized or even suspended for doing so. These tactics are done soley to disrupt businesses and others as an attempt to block their message. DO NOT DO THIS. It is your only warning.

Debates and even arguements are encouraged here. Be warned, however, sometimes you won't be right no matter how infallible you think you are. Once again, deal with this, as Mumblit will not stop these particular actions. The ability for someone to have an opinion is their first amendment right under the United States Constitution, and we aim to keep it that way.

Due to privcy laws, we do suggest you do not post pictures of others without their consent. This includes memes that you may find highly funny, or offensive. Public figures such as celebrities, political figures, and other such entities are exempt from this policy. They have maade the choice to make their presence fully public, and are not bound by the same policies.

Livestreams fall under the same policies as the regular website, and should not contain any violations of the 3 rules.

For any additional questions, concerns, insults, please utilize the Support/Help area of Mumblit!